Article 1. Name and Objects

Section 1. Name. The name of this organization shall be Engineering Society of Western Massachusetts.

Section 2. Objects. The objects of the Society shall be (1) the professional improvement of its members; (2) the advancement of the arts and sciences connected with the various branches of engineering; (3) the promotion of civic righteousness and truth; and (4) the participation in affairs of an engineering nature that affect the interest of the public.

Article III. Membership

Section 1. Conditions. Any person professionally engaged in engineering, architecture or applied science, or who is interested in the advancement thereof, and who is qualified as defined in this article shall be eligible for membership.

Section 3. Members. A Member shall be 21 years of age or over and must have been or be engaged in a responsible position as Engineer, Architect, or Applied Scientist. Any person who has served as a teacher of applied science or engineering shall be eligible to this grade.

Section 4. Honorary Members. An Honorary Member shall be an Engineer, Architect, Scientist or other person held in esteem by the executive board, and be of acknowledged pre-eminence in his or her profession. The number of Honorary Members shall not exceed ten. Honorary Members shall be entitled to all of the privileges of the Society as herein provided but shall be exempt from all dues, fees and assessments.

Article III. Admission to Membership

Section 1. Application. Application for admission to the Society as a Member shall be made in prescribed for, signed by the applicant and endorsed by two Members in good standing who are personally acquainted with him or her. The form shall set forth the name of the applicant in full, present address, the educational institution attended, the date of leaving, the degree(s) received, the nature and extent of practical experience, and his or her present engagement in business; it shall be accompanied by the entrance fee, the first years dues and a promise that if elected, the applicant will abide by the Bylaws and Rules of the Society.

Section 2. Notices. All applications shall be presented to the Executive Board, who shall consider and approve or disapprove each application by a majority vote..

Section 3. Election. The name of each candidate shall be approved, by a majority vote of the members of the Executive Board. If, the applicant is declared elected, the secretary shall sent a copy of the Bylaws and a current year book when notifying the new member of his acceptance.

Article V. Fees and Dues

Section 1. Fees. The entrance fee shall determined by the Executive Board for Members. No fee shall be paid by Honorary Members.

Section 2. Dues. The annual dues shall be determined by the Executive Board for Members. payable in advance on the first day of May each year. Any member in good standing may become a Life Member upon payment of a lump sum determined by the Executive Board, but not less that ten times the annual dues. and shall not thereafter be liable for any dues. The fiscal year shall commence on the first day of May.