To: Middle School Teachers and Administrators


In the Junior Solar Sprint program, students working in teams use a photovoltaic panel and motor to design and construct a small solar powered car. The cars are judged for design and race performance on a 20 meter track. The 2000 West Central Massachusetts Junior Solar Sprint race for 7th and 8th grade students will be held at Western New England College on Saturday, June 3, 2000

The deadline for registration is April 29, 2000. The race will be limited to 120 cars. The first thirty schools to register will be guaranteed four slots. This four-car limit should not discourage schools from having more than four teams in their program; however, at the present time, only four cars will be allowed to race. Schools with more than four teams must hold their own race to determine which teams will compete in the June 3rd event.

The Junior Solar Sprint Competition is an opportunity for a hands-on project in the areas of science and technology education. During the past six years, the program has grown substantially and, hopefully, has influenced students to enter into either an engineering or scientific field.

All Junior Solar Sprint information, including the ordering information for the kit, can be found on their web site  www.nesea.org/jss.html. It is very important to order your kits immediately to prevent their being back ordered. We apologize for any inconvenience this late notice may cause. Also, please note that there is no registration fee this year.

If you know any colleague who might be interested in participating, please pass this material along. We very much hope you will consider participating in this exciting and fun-filled program and we look forward to seeing you at the competition. Any questions call Lyn Sullivan at 413.782.1285 or e-mail her at msulliva@wnec.edu .  .

Edward Lamoureux
Junior Solar Sprint Committee

For more information check:  www.nesea.org/jss.html